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Container ship

SOMO Ltd. provides services in the field of maritime container transport from port to port. We focus on forwarding of loads coming through following ports: Gdynia / Gdańsk, Szczecin, and Hamburg.

One of our most important goals is to find the best solutions and offer top quality services always tailored to the needs of our customers. We assist in selecting the optimal method of transport of goods.

Our offer

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We can help you with: .

  • arranging of maritime shipping,
  • organization of cargo handling / storage in a port,
  • storage of goods,
  • road transport in relation 'port - the place of delivery' or pick-up of goods and delivery to the chosen port,
  • taking care of necessary customs formalities,
  • arranging CARGO insurance,
  • tracking of shipments.

Our actions are based on what the forwarding contract instructs us to do. Depending on its scope that may include a comprehensive service or just some chosen steps like:

  • ocean freight,
  • takeover of the care of goods at the port of loading / unloading,
  • arrangement of phytosanitary controls of goods,
  • arrangement of the registration of goods for customs clearance using chosen procedures,
  • arrangement of property bonds required for covering customs financial claims (option is available if the importer meets certain conditions),
  • arrangement of road transport of goods from / to the port of Gdynia / Gdańsk / Szczecin / Hamburg to / from the locations indicated by the contractor,
  • selection of the range ofcargo insurance,
  • verification of documentation required for the release / clearance of cargo.


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Selection of transport method:

based on the size of the load:

  • small loads / LCL - from 0,5 to 5 tons and / or from 0,5 to 10 m3,
  • full-container loads / FCL - load fills the whole container. The choice of the container depends on the type of purchased goods, its weight and volume.

based on who is responsible for the transportation of the load - according to INCOTERMS ® 2010, the most popular are:

  • FOB rule (free on board) - designated port of loading such as FOB Shanghai – responsilibity for transport rests in the hands of the buyer of goods. With a help of a forwarder buyer organizes the transportation / freight from the designated port. Buyer shall bear the cost of transportation, risk and will decide whether to insure the load for the duration of the process of transportation,
  • CIF rule (cost, insurance, freight) - designated port of landing, eg CIF Gdynia - responsilibity for transport rests in the hands of the seller who also organizes the unloading at the designated port, incurring the cost of transport and insurance, while the risk is taken by the buyer.

Billing for services is based on a VAT invoice covering part or the entire forwarding process - depending on the made arrangements.

f you have additional needs, please contact our staff. We excel at being very flexible if our clients require special terms.


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